Gather, monitor, 
and analyze patient feedback in real time.
Our AI-based integrated dashboard
enables real-time collection, analysis, and organization of hospital service feedback data from various formats and sources. 

Understand real patient needs, root causes, and trends to drive informed decision-making, streamline workflow of customer service team, and identify key areas for service experience improvement.

We design experiences where people are born happy, live healthy, and die with honor.
Learn more about how haheho 
transforms healthcare experiences. 
Unlock Actionable

Enhance patient experience with our AI Service Experience Analysis Solution 

Gather, monitor, 
and analyze 
patient feedback 
in real-time
Understand real patient needs, root causes, and trends to drive informed decision-making, streamline team workflow, and identify key areas for improvement.
AI-Based Patient Feedback Analysis Solution
Seamlessly analyze and monitor patient feedback and
enhance your institution's service experience

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